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1. The Adventure bureau Dispatch: Tanya Talks Butts on Bikes, East Coast Gravel, and the Gemstone of Rothrock State Forest

When Tanya Campbell was a little girl, her grandmother walked her dogs on Charcoal Flats, a trail in Shingletown. Tanya, her mother, and her daughter also enjoyed hiking along this same trail. The trail, just past Pine Grove Mills near the small town of Shingletown, is known for its series of four charcoal flats– large, curcular flat areas where logs would be piled and allowed to smolder to create andone that was used to make iron ore. Or, in the words of little girl Tanya, it’s a place that is “rocky and awesome.”

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2. Stans No Tubes: Meet the Happy Valley Women’s Cycling Team

The Happy Valley Women’s Cycling Team is a central Pennsylvania based group of women who are looking to create a space for like minded individuals to explore the sport of cycling. Tanya Campbell started the team in 2018 with the support of The Bicycle Shop in State College, Pennsylvania. Since the team’s inception, they’ve begun hosting women’s only rides to promote health and wellness through cycling, organized a development program for female riders between 10-13 years old, and launched the Seasons of Rothrock Race Series. Rothrock GRIT is the keystone event of the series and it made quite the splash when they reserved 50% of the field for female participants. They filled every spot.

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3. Girls Gone Gravel: An Inside Look at the Rothrock GRIT Gravel Grinder

This brutally beautiful mixed terrain event in central PA boasts 50 percent women in the field and a whole lot of bragging rights when you’re done.

At first glance the inaugural Rothrock GRIT Gravel Grinder looked and felt like your typical gravel event. It had all the usual trappings: the giant bright red inflatable start/finish arch; riders whizzing by, buzzing with nervous energy, and strains of hype music floating through the air.

There was just one big difference. Women. So. Many. Women. And not just your usual pointy end of the pack racer types, but all sorts of women, ranging in age from preteens (the youngest rider was 11!) to sixty-somethings, and representing all walks of life and cycling experience-something rarely seen at bike race events.

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Get a Grip Fall Bike Retreat

Get A GRIP: The HVWC Fall Bike Retreat

GRIP stands for Grow, Renew, Inspire, and Purpose. Get a GRIP is a bike retreat for women to gather with other passionate gravel riders. This is a time for learning and goal setting for your own unique riding journey. #morewomenonbikes

Beginner Women's Mountain Bike Ride

Beginner Women's Mountain Bike Rides

The ladies beginner mountain bike ride helps new riders gain skills and confidence. We exist to foster community and camaraderie among female mountain bikers. Click here to join our mountain bike Facebook group where meet ups are posted through summer.

Beginner Women's Gravel Rides

Beginner Women's Gravel Rides

Build your confidence on gravel with other beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders alongside you. Click the link to join the HVWC gravel Facebook group where meet up locations are posted through summer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/315067926476034

Maria holding up her bike
Juliandra Jackson

Juliandra Jackson

About the Author:

Juliandra Jackson is a HVWC team leader and owner of Color of Thought Creatives. She helps solopreneurs build and grow their lifestyle and holistic brands with brand strategy and digital media. Outside of biking and growing her budding business she loves coffee dates with friends, traveling with her husband who is from Jamaica, and hiking with their dog Enzo.