5 Ways Biking Brings People Together

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1. Biking with others is safer

Whether you’re planning a long ride in the mountains or riding side-by-side on the road, biking with others is safer.
When it comes to road riding, there are studies that show that cars give cyclists more space when they ride side-by-side. There are fewer accidents and deaths when cyclists ride together. As a women’s cycling team, we promote more women on bikes and a big concern for women is safety. This applies to riding in the mountains as much as road. There may be mechanical issues that come up, or needed support with nutrition and hydration if you under calculated what to bring with you on the ride. With company comes support which can help you feel safer when riding with others.


2. Young and old can ride together making it a multi-generational sport and activity

Riding is something that young and old can to together. Biking is less aggressive on joints and muscles than other sports and therefore people can cycle for decades without as many problems. Check out this article on the man who was allegedly the oldest competitive cyclist at 105 years old!


3. Shared experiences on the ride

By biking together, you create shared memories and experiences with those you ride with. Swapping stories and remembering highlights of races and practice rides is better with others.


4. Taking photos is easier (and more fun) with others

Let’s be real, photo taking is great way to remember rides with friends. When you ride and want to capture a picture at the top of a climb with a great view, it’s better to have friends. Creating memories while making them last with photo op moments definitely brings people together in biking.


5. Cheering each other on to reach the top

Long rides and climbs by yourself are a given in cycling, but with friends, it’s better! Biking makes those things easier when you have friends and teammates to cheer you on and make it to the top or to push you to go faster and further than by yourself. Road, gravel, and mountain biking are all more meaningful with friends cheering each other on in the process!

Do you have people to ride with? If not, join Happy Valley Women’s Cycling in our group summer rides—meetups for beginner mountain biking and gravel riding through August!

You can also sign up for the Happy Valley Women’s Cycling bike retreat this fall called Get A GRIP. GRIP stands for Grow, Renew, Inspire, and Purpose and is designed to help women who ride improve in skills and bike knowledge in a fun, weekend retreat setting.

See you out there this summer and fall!

Get a Grip Fall Bike Retreat

Get A GRIP: The HVWC Fall Bike Retreat

GRIP stands for Grow, Renew, Inspire, and Purpose. Get a GRIP is a bike retreat for women to gather with other passionate gravel riders. This is a time for learning and goal setting for your own unique riding journey. #morewomenonbikes
Beginner Women's Mountain Bike Ride

Beginner Women's Mountain Bike Rides

The ladies beginner mountain bike ride helps new riders gain skills and confidence. We exist to foster community and camaraderie among female mountain bikers. Click here to join our mountain bike Facebook group where meet ups are posted through summer.

Beginner Women's Gravel Rides

Beginner Women's Gravel Rides

Build your confidence on gravel with other beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders alongside you. Click the link to join the HVWC gravel Facebook group where meet up locations are posted through summer. https://www.facebook.com/groups/315067926476034

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Juliandra Jackson

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