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“Life will give you many reasons to be angry, but it only takes one to be grateful.”

This month of gratitude leading up to Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating the good things that life brings our way. If you’re following us on social media, then you’ll know that at Happy Valley Women’s Cycling we have been celebrating new team members and the upcoming 2023 season. We have new and returning mountain biker racers, new and returning gravel racers, and still welcome the young ladies that make up our junior race team who are both mountain bikers. To check out the full list of ladies who ride with HVWC, view our Instagram page, or Facebook page where photos have been added with names of the team members.

The 2023 Race Season will be full of new goals, challenges, and races that we will participate in.

And as we celebrate, we also remember the lessons learned in the 2022 season…

It’s no secret that Happy Valley Women’s Cycling is a proud supporter of Seasons of Rothrock. The Seasons of Rothrock Races include Whipple Dam, Grit, Greenwood Furnace, and Tussey Mountain. Each season of the year in Pennsylvania is represented as riders gather for competition, hours on the bike, and a day in Rothrock forest.

In 2022, hundreds of men and women of all ages and fitness levels have been challenged and celebrated through the year at the different races. Check out our recent post on why we offer equal opportunities for the number and variety of categories for racing to be inclusive for men and women.

Post-race celebrations, chances on the podium, overcoming challenges on the course… there have been many reasons and opportunities to be grateful this year. And we are grateful for Seasons of Rothrock and what it means for the community and our team. Luckily for the community, Seasons of Rothrock 2022 is not over!

We all get one more chance in 2022 to celebrate together as a community at the upcoming Seasons of Rothrock Session IV race at Tussey Mountain in Boalsburg, PA.

Let’s celebrate with gratefulness for the good opportunities that life presents to us to ride. We hope you join Happy Valley Women’s Cycling at the next Seasons of Rothrock on December 4th.

If you’re not familiar with Seasons of Rothrock, here is a quick intro for you on the next race:

In the Tussey Mountain MTB Race session of Seasons of Rothrock, you’ll hit some of the forest’s most challenging trails within the picturesque backdrop of late fall.

The course flows through the famed Three Bridges and Lonberger trails before tracing the crest of the ridge for the iconic Tussey Mountain Trail. After that, be ready for the wicked Leniency Trail descent that’s followed by the challenging Double Black John Wert Path that’s rocky, rooty, and carved through the thick cover of rhododendrons. Along the way, you’ll make friends amid a grassroots mountain biking culture that’s as unique as the trails themselves. Expect to be kept on your toes during challenging technical sections with brisk breaks down punchy descents. This race will test your mettle but it won’t break your wallet and you’ll still be home for dinner.

To register for the final Seasons of Rothrock race, click here. Holiday apparel, Santa hats, reindeer or elf ears are encouraged! Come cheer on mountain bikers, if you yourself don’t mountain bike ride. And contact Tanya Campbell using the following link if you are interested in volunteering.

With Roots and Rocks a’plenty and much gratefulness, Happy Valley Women’s Cycling will see you at Seasons of Rothrock Session IV on December 4th. Register here if you haven’t yet!

What are you grateful for when it comes to races, biking, and the challenges you’ve overcome in 2022? Comment us with the Submit a Comment Form below! We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


Seasons of Rothrock Session IV at Tussey Mountain

In the Tussey Mountain MTB Race session of Seasons of Rothrock, you’ll hit some of the forest’s most challenging trails within the picturesque backdrop of late fall.

You will find roots and rocks a’plenty, and a grassroots mountain bike culture that’s unique in its own right. You can expect a fun, rocky, and challenging course that keeps you focused doesn’t break your wallet, and gets you home in time for dinner. Registration and Awards will be hosted by Happy Valley Women’s Cycling.

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